Civil Litigation, Products & Camp Liability & Employment Law Attorneys in Ardmore, PA

Originally called Athensville, the Pennsylvania Railroad renamed the community as Ardmore in 1873. Now a bedroom suburb of Philadelphia, it is unincorporated but straddles part of Lower Marion Township in Montgomery County and Haverford Township in Delaware County.

Ardmore’s biggest claim to fame may be that it is the birthplace and childhood home of NBA great Kobe Bryant who was killed in a helicopter crash near Los Angeles in early 2020. Other well known “native sons” include General “Hap” Arnold who commanded all of America’s air forces in World War II and Alexander Haig, a former Secretary of State.

Camp Liability Lawyers in Ardmore, PA

The law requires that camp owners and directors protect campers, counsellors and the entire support staff from preventable injuries. But this is why they are called accidents. One can happen even when camp owners and directors in Ardmore are very careful.

Insurance coverage protects camp owners and directors against liability claims, physical or sexual abuse or harassment and privacy issues. Many insurance companies ask the lawyers at the Sherr Law Group in Ardmore to defend camp owners and directors against these and similar claims.

Our team of camp liability lawyers in Ardmore are experienced in resolving cases effectively including

  • Representing camp owners and directors or their insurance carrier in lawsuits
  • Conducting liability risk assessments
  • Ensuring that camp owners and directors have the proper certifications that are required
  • Reviewing insurance proposals so a policy protects what needs to be covered
  • Training the camp staff on how to follow safe practices, how to avoid sexual harassment claims, how to stop camper-on-camper bullying, and running drug and alcohol awareness programs
  • Examining employment documents, policy manuals and hiring practices
  • Investigating any type of alleged injury or negligence and other complaints

Products Liability Attorneys in Ardmore Pennsylvania

The products liability lawyers at Sherr Law Group in Ardmore utilize their deep expertise when companies and insurance carriers are confronting claims that a defective product caused either an injury or death to somebody or to the loved one of a family. We work diligently to help our clients receive a favorable outcome.

Knowing all of the complexities of products liability, we represent defendants in Ardmore against the three common types of claims that might be alleged …

  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Marketing defects

Sometimes, there are related claims that arise in a products liability case and we deal with these, as well.

Ardmore PA Employment Law Attorneys

The Sherr Law Group represents employers and their insurance carrier in Ardmore when a business must appear before a tribunal, is being sued or is launching an internal investigation into something a current or former employee may have done.

To ward off the possibility of an employment law violation claim in Ardmore, we provide consulting services, including …

  • Human resources advice so you don’t inadvertently run afoul of a complicated web of regulations
  • Reviewing employee manuals, sexual harassment policies and effective complaint procedures that federal and state laws mandate
  • Negotiating and drafting employment contracts and agreements

If you have any questions or want to discuss a specific situation, contact one of the Camp Liability, Employment Law, Products Liability, Criminal Defense, Municipal Lawyers, Insurance Defense attorneys for Ardmore at 484.591.3000.