Crisis Management Services in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Crisis Management Services

Led by Sherr Law Group Attorney, Tony Sherr

Corporations, municipalities, and individuals in Pennsylvania are no strangers to potential crises arising around them. It’s no easy feat running an organization while keeping employees and other stakeholders happy while remaining in the public’s good graces. A defective product, a disgruntled employee, or an allegation of illegal behavior in a municipal setting. All of these scenarios can create a firestorm that must be dealt with quickly, quietly, and professionally.

We know municipalities are not immune to crises. Local governments often make national news because of alleged police misconduct, embezzlement, and other employee transgressions. When you are facing a complex crisis in a high-profile setting, municipal and company leadership face dual challenges: To remain focused on day-to-day operations while simultaneously hiring a lawyer skilled at managing crises to proactively deal with the organization’s situation and to quietly resolve the issue while managing the reputation of the organization. Any allegations must be swiftly addressed and a comprehensive strategy developed to protect the organization from lawsuits and other legal ramifications. This daunting task can’t be entrusted to just any Pennsylvania law firm – there is simply too much at stake. 

For over 30 years, since his days at the United States Department of Justice, Sherr Law Group’s managing partner, Anthony Sherr, has proven his skill and versatility to step into a crisis and use a multifaceted approach to assess your situation head-on and begin the process of managing the crisis using finesse and experience to keep the matter private. 

Tony has spent years focused on managing his clients’ best interests. Whether the crisis requires an internal investigation, responding to government regulators, investigating allegations of wrongdoing,  managing litigation, working with the media, designing compliance programs, or formulating public policy, crisis management attorney Tony Sherr has the litigation, public policy, and communications skills to proactively manage each aspect of your crisis. 


What Our Clients Say

“When everything started falling apart, Tony and his team were the first to step in and help us take proactive action. If you’re facing a professional crisis, make Sherr Law Group your first call- no doubt.”

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Tony Sherr Will Create a Proactive and Assertive Crisis Management Strategy


Preparation is crucial to the success of any crisis management strategy. Tony Sherr will help you conduct a thorough yet discreet internal investigation to gather information and prevent any future surprises. He then uses this information to create and implement a proactive plan of action to address both short- and long-term implications of the situation. 

Our initial focus is on immediate problem solving, but Tony will also work to further your long-term objectives using an integrated approach that minimizes future financial, legal, and reputational damage. We will work to minimize legal exposure and protect the reputation of your organization into the foreseeable future. Once the current matter has been resolved, many of our clients also work with us to implement safeguards that may prevent a future crisis from occurring. 

Legal-Minded Communications for Crisis Management

Public perception is incredibly important in the midst of a crisis.  Tony will guide and manage your public and media relations team on how best to position the crisis if the media calls (or worse yet, visits with a camera crew).  Tony will guide and direct your response to the crisis by highlighting your organization’s willingness to deal proactively and honestly with the media.  When a crisis has legal ramifications, Tony will write or approve any press releases, press conferences, interview requests, and other communications with the public. Tony will also serve as the organization’s key spokesperson with the media. Our crisis management lawyers in Pennsylvania are here to advise your PR and leadership team on the legal implications of how best to position the crisis with the media.

Tony will also lead the internal communications strategy to employees for management, particularly if the crisis becomes public. Sherr Law Group’s Tony Sherr is a proven Pennsylvania crisis management lawyer, with demonstrated experience and success in creating coordinated communications strategies that allow for simple yet credible communication with all your constituents, contacts, and other stakeholders. Tony will also prepare your employees on how to respond if they are contacted by the media. Organizations that take control of the narrative during the early stages of a crisis will see the initial investment of time and energy pay great dividends, particularly if the matter leads to litigation.

A Tireless Crisis Management Legal Team

Pennsylvania businesses and municipalities who choose Tony Sherr and the Sherr Law Group for crisis management receive tireless and steadfast support. We are a firm with vast experience managing high-profile, complicated matters. Tony and his team use a collaborative approach to address every angle of your complex crisis situation. We won’t let up until the crisis has been extinguished and potential legal matters resolved.

Our decades of experience in municipal law, insurance defense, commercial litigation, and employment law have provided us with unique insight into crisis management for both large and small public and private organizations. If you’re facing a crisis, time is of the essence; turn to Tony Sherr of the Pennsylvania crisis management law firm of Sherr Law Group without delay. Contact Sherr Law Group to get started.

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FAQs About PA Crisis Management

Questions about our Pennsylvania Crisis Management services? Here are some common questions and answers.

How Does Your Crisis Management Service Work?

For over 30 years, since his days at the Department of Justice, Sherr Law Group’s managing partner, Anthony Sherr, has proven his skill and versatility to step into a crisis and use a multifaceted approach to assess your situation head-on and begin the process of managing the crisis using finesse and experience to keep the matter private. 

Who is Your Ideal Client?

Over the years, Sherr Law Group has represented municipalities, elected officials, police and emergency personnel, camp owners, insurance firms, publicly traded and private companies, and individuals.