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Manage Your Risk as a Camp Owner in Pennsylvania

As the owner or director of a camp, you have the responsibility to protect campers, staff, and visitors from any unforeseen accidents.  You spend time identifying and anticipating the worst-case scenarios.  You then take every measure possible to prevent problems from occurring.  From personal injury to property damage, the burden of protection and liability falls directly on your shoulders and that of your board of directors. There are times when even the best risk management preparedness can result in an injury to a camper or any other unanticipated situation where the camp finds itself facing a lawsuit.

This is when you rely on your general liability insurance carrier to protect and defend you against allegations that could include everything from camper injury to premises liability, physical abuse, or privacy issues. Today, camp owners and directors rely on their insurance companies to fully insure them against the risks inherent to owning and operating a camp.  That said, insurance companies rely on Sherr Law Group to defend camps against allegations of wrongdoing at any level. Camp liability law is a unique area of practice, and you need support from a law group with experience. At Sherr Law Group, our camp liability lawyers have successfully defended many camps directly or through the camp’s insurance carrier on a variety of liability claims. Because of our experience working with camp owners and directors, our camp liability law attorneys are uniquely positioned to cost-effectively resolve cases, so you can get back to the business of operating your camp.

What Our Clients Say

“When everything started falling apart, Tony and his team were the first to step in and help us take proactive action. If you’re facing a professional crisis, make Sherr Law Group your first call- no doubt.”

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Camp Liability Services 

Our services for camp owners and directors include:

  • Camp liability risk assessment performed by camp liability attorneys
  • Third party release review
  • Insurance proposal review
  • Examination of all employment documents, policy manuals, hiring practices
  • Legal history review
  • Fair labor and wage act review
  • Training administrators and staff on sexual harassment, safe practices, anti-bullying tactics, and drug and alcohol awareness
  • Ensuring owners and directors have the proper clearances and certifications
  • Conducting criminal background checks for all employees

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