Civil Litigation, Products & Camp Liability, Insurance Defense & Employment Law Attorneys in Whitpain Hills, PA

Whitpain Hills may be among the oldest townships in Montgomery County.

The son of a London butcher, as part of William Penn’s “Holy Experiment,” Zacharia Whitpain travelled to Pennsylvania on the Welcome in 1682 to settle on his father’s properties and escape persecution of his Quaker beliefs. He built a plantation house along Wissahickon Creek near Mount Pleasant, with his bride Sarah.  It is also where people find the Whitpain Hills insurance defense attorneys of Sherr Law Group.

Products Liability Lawyers for Whitpain Hills, PA Insurance Companies and Businesses

Sherr Law Group is a Whitpain Hills products liability law firm bringing wide experience and expertise in defending companies and insurance companies against claims that a defective product resulted in death or an injury. We work hard to ensure that clients obtain a favorable outcome for their case.

Knowing every aspect of liability, we represent defendants in Whitpain Hills products liability cases against the claims that might be alleged:

  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Marketing defects
  • Related claims that often arise in products liability claims

Whitpain Hills PA Camp Liability Lawyers

While camp owners and directors rely on their insurance coverage to protect them against claims of premises liability, physical or sexual abuse or harassment and privacy issues, many of these insurance companies turn to Sherr Law Group in Whitpain Hills to cover the risks that come with owning and operating a camp.

Camp owners and directors are responsible for protecting campers, staff and visitors to the facility from injuries, even if they were the result of an accident. But the unexpected happens to the most-careful and conscientious camp owners and directors in Whitpain Hills.

The camp liability attorneys at Sherr Law Group have successfully defended many camp owners. We have done this directly or by representing the camp’s insurance carrier. Our camp liability lawyers in Whitpain Hills are experienced in resolving cases cost-effectively including:

  • Ensuring camp owners and directors have the proper certifications
  • Conducting camp liability risk assessments
  • Reviewing insurance proposals
  • Examining employment documents, policy manuals and hiring practices
  • Training all staff on safe practices, sexual harassment, anti-bullying tactics, and drug and alcohol awareness programs
  • Investigating the circumstances of alleged injuries or negligence
  • Representing camp owners and directors or their insurance carrier in lawsuits

Whitpain Hills PA Insurance Defense Attorneys

After an insured person has an accident, is injured in a store or office building, or has any claim resulting from any type of incident, in Whitpain Hills the Sherr Law Group creates its entire insurance defense practice to mount a proactive and aggressive defense of an insurance company.  Along with being skillful and experienced insurance defense trial attorneys, we provide advice to insurance companies and their policyholders on ways to prevent claims in the future.

At Sherr Law Group, known as a Whitpain Hills law firm, we work with insurance companies to defend:

  • Automobile and truck third party liability along with uninsured and underinsured motorist claims
  • Premises, property and homeowner’s liability claims
  • Medical malpractice and legal malpractice
  • Violations of employment law claims
  • Claims against the township of Whitpain Hills
  • When employees make claims against their employer
  • General insurance coverage disputes

Whitpain Hills PA Employment Law Attorneys

Our employment law lawyers in Whitpain Hills are more than litigators when a claim is made against a company. Sherr Law Group offers employment consultation services to reduce the possibility of a claim arising, including …

  • Reviewing employee manuals, sexual harassment policies and complaint procedures
  • Negotiating and drafting employment agreements and contracts
  • General HR advice that reflects your business’ needs and goals

Sherr Law Group represents employers and their insurance companies when a business faces an administrative tribunal, is being sued or needs to launch its own litigation.

Read our website to learn more about the services we offer. Feel free to contact one of our civil litigation attorneys for Whitpain Hills at 484.591.3000.