Civil Litigation, Products & Camp Liability, Insurance Defense & Employment Law Attorneys in Scranton, PA

To many people, Scranton is the setting for the hit situation comedy The Office. But to the litigation and insurance defense lawyers at Sherr Law Group, Scranton is more than the home of Jim, Pam, Michael Scott and Dwight Shrute.

The city grew, fueled by demand for coal and textiles, especially during World War II. But when the post-war economy boomed, demand for coal declined as other forms of energy became more popular. In 1945, the city created the Scranton Plan to diversify the economy beyond coal.

Today, Scranton offers residents and visitors alike a live arts and cultural community, many attractions and outdoor activities.

Camp Liability Lawyers in Scranton PA

Camp owners and directors have a binding legal requirement to protect everybody at their facility: Campers, staff and visitors. Even if an incident is accidental, any sort of injury may generate liability. So, camp owners and directors in Scranton are very careful.

Insurance companies protect camp owners and directors against claims of premises liability, physical or sexual abuse or harassment and privacy issues. When they need to defend their policyholder in court, carriers look to Sherr Law Group in Scranton to defend against the risks that come with owning even a well-run camp.

The Sherr Law Group’s camp liability lawyers know how to defend camp owners, both directly or by acting on behalf of their insurance company. Our camp liability lawyers in Scranton are experienced in:

  • Representing camp owners and directors or their insurance carrier in lawsuits
  • Investigating alleged injuries or negligence
  • Working with camp owners and directors to make sure they have proper certifications
  • Reviewing insurance proposals
  • Conducting liability risk assessments for camps
  • Examining employment documents, policy manuals and hiring practices
  • Training the camp’s staff on what are safe practices, how to avoid sexual harassment claims and what to do if a complaint is filed, anti-bullying tactics, and drug and alcohol awareness programs

Products Liability Lawyers in Scranton, PA for Insurance Companies and Businesses

The Sherr Law Group is Scranton’s products liability lawyers bring broad and deep expertise to defend companies and their insurers against a claim that a defective product caused an injury or death to somebody. We work to obtain a favorable outcome for your case.

Being well-versed in the many aspects of liability, we represent defendants in Scranton products liability cases against the claims that might be alleged:

  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Marketing defects
  • Other claims that may arise in products liability claims

Insurance Defense Attorneys in Scranton PA

The Sherr Law Group has built its insurance defense practice by providing the aggressive defense of insurance companies. When somebody has an auto accident, or if a person is injured in a commercial or government facility in Scranton, insurance companies know that the Sherr Law Group is staffed with skillful and experienced insurance defense trial attorneys. We also advise insurance companies and policyholders on how to prevent claims. At Sherr Law Group in Scranton, we work every day with insurance companies to defend claims that are the result of:

  • Claims against the municipality of Scranton
  • Claims of violations of employment law
  • Third party liability plus uninsured and underinsured motorist claims
  • Premises, property and homeowner’s liability claims
  • Medical and legal malpractice
  • General insurance coverage disputes

Scranton PA Employment Law Lawyers

The Sherr Law Group’s employment law attorneys here in Scranton are more than litigators in court when a claim is made. Sherr lawyers provide employment consultation services to reduce the possibility of a claim arising, including:

  • Reviewing employee manuals, sexual harassment policies and complaint procedures
  • Negotiating and drafting employment agreements and contracts
  • General HR advice that reflects your business’ needs and goals

Both employers and their insurance companies are our clients when a business faces an administrative tribunal, is being sued or needs to launch its own litigation on a cost-effective basis.

Our website explains the full range of services we offer. Feel free to contact one of our Scranton civil litigation attorneys at 484.591.3000.