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Sherr Law Group, located in the heart of Norristown, PA, has a broad base of crisis management and litigation experience ranging from employment law to insurance defense; municipal law to products liability.

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Legal Services

From insurance defense and employment law to products liability and municipal law, Sherr Law Group has 35+ years of experience in Pennsylvania.

Litigation Support

Sherr Law Group provides comprehensive litigation support services aimed at alleviating stress and guiding clients toward effective solutions amidst legal challenges.

Who We Serve

Over the years, Sherr Law Group has represented municipalities, elected officials, police and emergency personnel, camp owners, insurance firms, publicly traded and private companies, and individuals.

Anthony R. Sherr
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We appreciate and value the clients we have served since 1957 in the areas of municipal law, employment law, insurance defense, and products liability.

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At our firm, we have honed our expertise in litigation over the past sixty years. We prioritize helping clients proactively address complex legal issues while safeguarding their credibility and reputation. From my tenure at the United States Department of Justice to navigating clients through the challenges of the global pandemic, our work begins with a meticulous focus on legal analysis. This analysis forms the foundation of our proactive case strategy, driving us to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. We’re always available to discuss your concerns, answer questions, and provide the assistance you need to resolve legal matters effectively. Please reach out to us to discuss how we can assist you with your litigation needs.

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Pennsylvania Legal Services

Municipal Law

Over the years, Sherr Law Group has represented municipalities, elected officials, police and emergency personnel in both litigation and counseling.

Employment Law

Our employment law team will provide you with the expertise necessary to successfully navigate the complex and ever-changing employment law landscape.

Crisis Management

Sherr Law Group’s crisis management consulting services will help alleviate stress and guide you toward meaningful solutions.


Our insurance defense group consists of accomplished litigators with a reputation for excellence, integrity and innovation in local, state, federal and appellate courts.

Products Liability

Dedicated to understanding your case, the complexities and details of the law, and providing you the most successful outcome through tough litigation.

Criminal Defense

Confidently navigate criminal charges with Sherr Law Group. We vigorously defend your rights, ensuring the best outcome.


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Notable Cases

Sherr Law Group is happy to announce two recent decisions which dismissed purported Civil Rights Claims against Manheim Borough and The York Area Regional Police. 

On March 28, 2024 Judge Jennifer P. Wilson of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, granted a Motion to Dismiss on behalf of Officer Marc Greenly and dismissed him with prejudice from the case.  The matter involved the tragic aftermath of the death of a Middle School student by apparent suicide.  The action was brought by the deceased mother and her other son.  Plaintiffs’ claims against Officer Greenly of the York Area Regional Police consisted of Civil Rights claims in the form of state created danger theory.  Plaintiffs’ claimed that Officer Greenly placed the deceased’s brother in danger by bringing him home to help them search for the deceased.  The brother found the deceased’s body hanging in the basement.  The Court found that under the circumstances Officer Greenly was entitled to Qualified Immunity, and the case was dismissed against him.  The case, however, is continuing against the School District and several of its employees, as well as several students who are alleged to have bullied the deceased.


On February 9, 2024, Judge Gerard McHugh of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, granted Summary Judgment on behalf of Manheim Borough and its Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer in a case where two plaintiffs were alleging discrimination on account of ethnic background.  Plaintiffs alleged that a Commercial Landowner and his Commercial Tenant were fined, and threated; where similarly situated people were not.  Judge McHugh after examining all the evidence, including depositions of all parties and several third parties, concluded that no reasonable jury could find that there was discrimination.

The cases were both handled by Tony Sherr and Stefanie Sherr.

About Our Law Firm

Our Team

Our team has been successfully representing clients in local, state and federal courts throughout the eastern and middle portion of Pennsylvania for decades. We have a broad base of litigation expertise ranging from employment law to insurance defensemunicipal law to products liability. We have handled litigation for large, publicly traded companies and public entities as well as closely-held businesses and individuals.

Our Approach

A big part of our approach is helping to educate clients on all their available options. We believe the most respectful way to engage with a client is to provide the big picture of several approaches so the client can choose what’s best for them. We’re able to trust the client’s decision, because our collective experience allows us to focus on big picture analysis and recommendations.

Litigating Since

Jury Trials

Publishing and Presenting

Our managing partner, Anthony R. Sherr, has published a number of policy-setting papers including contributing a chapter on modern policing in the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors (PSATS) Municipal Solicitors’ Handbook. He is a regular PSATS presenter on a wide range of topics including Social Media for Supervisors, and other legally-focused topics important to township leaders.  He was recently quoted in the Pennsylvania Township News in an article entitled, Good Insurance and Robust Procedures Help Townships Minimize Risk, and has served as a guest a speaker on topics including the Pennsylvania Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act. He is a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) presenter on topics like Agriculture, Communities and Rural Environment (ACRE) laws including one presentation entitled, ACRE Laws and Litigation with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office.  Because of his experience, he has represented many municipalities faced with ACRE litigation initiated by the Pennsylvania Attorney General including the majority of Pennsylvania Supreme Court and Commonwealth Court decisions on the ACRE statute.

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Our Commitment to Norristown, PA

Sherr Law Group, LLP is proud of its Norristown, PA roots. We are a part of the community, working to make a difference. Tony Sherr grew up near Norristown; his father set up his law offices here in the early 1970s and Tony himself worked in the borough starting in 1979. It’s this history that provides us our unique perspective on the county seat of the third-most populous county in the state.

Even as Norristown deteriorated, and businesses left for the surrounding suburbs, the Sherr family remained connected to the community. For some, Norristown became the place lawyers just went to Court. But Tony Sherr got involved in the Greater Norristown Police Athletic League, eventually joining the Board of Directors. This involvement not only allowed him to understand firsthand the challenges that the community faced, it also provided an outlet where they could make a difference. It became clear that the only way to positively impact this community was to be in it; sticking a stake in the ground. This passion led us to commit our resources to Norristown.

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Sherr Law Group is Here for You

Questions about our services? Here are some common questions and answers about our PA legal services.

How Does Your Crisis Management Service Work?

For over 30 years, since his days at the Department of Justice, Sherr Law Group’s managing partner, Anthony Sherr, has proven his skill and versatility to step into a crisis and use a multifaceted approach to assess your situation head-on and begin the process of managing the crisis using finesse and experience to keep the matter private. 

Who is Your Ideal Client?

Over the years, Sherr Law Group has represented municipalities, elected officials, police and emergency personnel, camp owners, insurance firms, publicly traded and private companies, and individuals.

What Does Your Firm Value?

We take tremendous pride in the work we do for each of our clients and the personal relationships we have with them. We believe that the manner in which we provide our services is just as important as the quality of the legal services we provide.

How Does Your Team Work?

The team at Sherr Law Group is always in tireless pursuit of our client’s interests while maintaining a professional working relationship with the teams representing our adversaries. It may not be the most instantly gratifying way of dealing with tense situations, but we know from experience that better results are attained when all parties are civil and respectful toward one another.

How Do You Work with Clients?

Developing respectful relationships on both sides of the table does not mean we are any less tenacious or committed to achieving a just result for our clients–to the contrary, we care about our clients as if their cases were our own.

Client Testimonials

Anthony provided me with some legal consulting on a project that benefited the youth or minority community of Norristown. He truly cares for the community and has strong roots in the area. We will be working together again.


Tony Sherr and his team are a delight to work with. They are tough, smart lawyers and advocates. I strongly recommend Sherr Law Group to any business or insurance company looking for experienced, results-oriented legal counsel.


“The entire team at Sherr Law Group was absolutely phenomenal to work with. Their understanding of municipal PA law is unmatched. I definitely recommend them for any municipalities going through a crisis or difficult time.”