Camp Liability Lawyers in Philadelphia, PA

A number of camp owners and directors are from the Philadelphia area as are their insurance carriers. The parents of many Philly children send their kids to summer camp.

Philadelphia Camp owners and directors know they have responsibility for protecting the campers as well as the staff and visitors from injuries, even if they happen to be accidental. Yet an injury-causing accident might happen anyway regardless of how careful the camp is maintained and supervise. As a result, camp owners and directors in Philadelphia face a potential liability.

Insurance protects camp owners and directors from claims of premises liability, physical or sexual abuse or harassment and privacy issues. This is why their insurers rely on Sherr Law Group in Philadelphia to defend them against damage claim and liability.

The camp liability attorneys at Sherr Law Group in Philadelphia defend many camp owners both directly or as advocates for their insurance company. Our camp liability lawyers are experienced in dealing with liability issues including:

  • Conducting camp liability risk assessments
  • Ensuring that camp owners and directors have the proper certifications that are required
  • Training camp staff on how to follow safe procedures and best practices, how to prevent sexual harassment claims, how to spot bullying tactics of one camper might use against another camper, and running drug and alcohol awareness programs
  • Reviewing proposals for insurance coverage for camp owners to make sure they cover what needs to be covered
  • Representing camp owners and directors or their insurance company if a lawsuit if filed
  • Examining employment documents, policy manuals and hiring practices of applicants for camp positions
  • Investigating claims of injuries or negligence

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