Second Chair After First-Year: One Intern’s Story

Sandra Graise | Sherr Law Group

Sandra Graise | Sherr Law Group

Second Chair After First-Year: One Intern’s Story

By Sandra Graise |

When I began as an intern with Sherr Law Group on May 28, 2019, I figured I would be drafting motions and memorandums, and maybe even sitting in on some client meetings. Little did I know, I was in for a completely different realm of the litigation world.

When I walked into the firm the first morning, I was told of the game plan. First, read these expert reports and prepare for this expert’s deposition. Second, this expert’s deposition is in a couple hours, so, really prepare. After the deposition, there’s a pre-trial meeting with the judge in his chambers. Once that’s done, we’re going to have to prepare for trial which is scheduled to begin in two days.

Needless to say, I was definitely off to a running start. The trial began two days later, as scheduled. I walked into the court room and Tony Sherr, managing partner at Sherr Law Group told me to take a seat – right next to him at the counsel table. I had never sat at counsel’s table, much less as second chair. But here I was.

When it came time for jury selection, Tony split the potential juror documents in half, and asked me to take notes and advise on who would be a good fit. As the trial continued, Tony also continued asking for my input and opinions – something unheard of for a first-year (incoming second-year) law student. Tony Sherr not only allowed me to attend the proceedings but allowed me to be a live participant – one with a voice.

At one point, Tony also gave me the opportunity to prep for the cross-examination of two witnesses. By the end of the five-day trial, Tony was still interested in learning anything specific I had picked up on, and/or anything I thought was vital to add to his closing arguments.

From trial-prep through the actual trial, my experience was nothing short of invaluable. It was much more hands-on than I could have ever imagined or even asked for, especially as an intern who just finished their very first year of law school.  I feel like a real practicing lawyer all thanks to Tony Sherr at Sherr Law Group and the Montgomery Bar Association’s Diversity Program!

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