Tony Sherr Co-Chair of Annual Israel Awareness Day

Tony Sherr Co-Chair of Annual Israel Awareness Day

Tony Sherr recently co-chaired Green Valley Country Club’s annual Israel Awareness Day. Mr. Sherr is very active in Pro-Israel politics and AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). As a member, he works to educate key decision makers about the bonds that unite the two countries and why it is important to safeguard these ties.

Israel Awareness Day featured Former Deputy Commander of the Israeli Air Force General (Ret.) Amos Yadlin, and focused on the current U.S.-Israel relationship and the recent technological developments that make Israel’s military so formidable. Over a hundred attendees upheld the mission of AIPAC to “strengthen, protect, and promote the U.S.-Israel relationship”.

AIPAC works to empower pro-Israel activists of all ages, religions, and political preferences to engage on political levels with members of Congress to promote the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Presently, more than 100,000 citizens from across the United States vigorously work with their elected officials and the AIPAC staff to strengthen the bond between the United States and the Jewish state.

AIPAC does not function as a political action committee, nor does it endorse candidates for elected or appointed office. AIPAC encourages its members across all 50 states to develop relationships with their members of Congress to help them understand the importance of the U.S.-Israel ties.

Apart from this, the committee works towards building the next generation of American pro-Israel leaders, by working to empower and educate student activists in high schools and colleges to build support for Israel.

AIPAC is spread across the United States with an aim to secure the future of the two nations. It operates from its ten regional offices and seven satellite offices.

Tony Sherr understands that it is in America’s best interest to ensure the safety of Israel, and works for a better tomorrow for the two nations.



AIPAC in action


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